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Child & Family Services

The Child and Family Center is dedicated to keeping children in their own families and communities. To do that, we offer services for all ages -- from infants to adults. Our philosophy values services in the family’s community over restrictive residential services. We work closely with our partner agencies by providing mental health treatment and support services that are child-centered, family driven, strength-based, and culturally competent.


Director: Buzz Barnett
Location: 800 Preston Ave.
Phone: (434) 972-1800
E-mail: buzzb@regionten.org
• E-mails are for inquiries ONLY and are not to be used in emergencies
Fax: (434) 970- 2103

Crisis services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services include counseling and phone consultations with or for people in crisis, as well as admission screenings for Region Ten’s crisis stabilization center, psychiatric hospitalizations, and/or substance abuse inpatient treatment. Services may be provided over the telephone or face-to-face and may occur in clinics, detention centers, police departments, hospital emergency rooms or other locations. Some of these services may be provided in association with the judicial commitment process. In all cases, the least restrictive means to help a consumer in crisis is used.

Populations served: Emergency Services serves all individuals, of any age, ethnicity or disability, who are in crisis due to mental illness or substance abuse.

Access to services: Call 434.972.1800 0r 1.866-694-1605 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

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Medical Director: David Moody, MD
Service Director: Margurite Murray , RN
Location: 800 Preston Avenue, and other Region Ten locations at certain times
Phone: 434-970-1477
Email: margurim@regionten.org
Fax: 434-970-2185

An array of center-based medical and associated nursing services that focus upon pharmacological evaluation, treatment, management, and monitoring of DSM IV disorders. This service is provided in conjunction with case management/care coordination and is not a stand-alone service.

Specific services include psychiatric evaluation and assessment; psychiatric medication management; laboratory and ancillary services; provision of medication education and informed consent; and dispensing of medications and other pharmacy related activities.

Population Served: Outpatient medical services are appropriately provided to adults having confirmed or suspected DSM IV disorders thought to be in need of pharmacological evaluation, treatment, and/or monitoring and who choose and desire to receive such services.

Access to Program: Appointments may be scheduled through a case manager or care coordinator.

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Home Based Services

Director: Beth Smith
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 970-2146
Fax: (434) 972-1860
E-mail: beths@regionten.org

This program offers family preservation services to children and families at risk of disruption. Clinicians and therapeutic behavioral specialists provide treatment, crisis intervention and ongoing support. Services can also be provided to those children who are transitioning back to their family from an out-of-home placement. Home-based services are particularly appropriate if a parent and/or child needs one-on-one modeling in the home.

Services include: family and child assessment, parent/child education and behavioral training, ongoing case management, intensive child and family therapy, attachment disorder treatment, psychiatric evaluation, support, advocacy and referral.

Population Served: Individuals zero to eighteen who are at risk of removal from their home or who are being transitioned back to the home from residential care due to an emotional disorder diagnosable under the DSM IV. At least one parent or guardian with whom the child is living needs to be willing to participate with in-home services.

Access to Program: Please call 434-970-2146 to schedule an Intake Appointment.

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Child Aide Services

Program Manager: Carol Groome
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 970-1481
Fax: (434) 970-1860
E-mail: carolg@regionten.org

Child aides provide therapeutic mentoring to children at risk for behavioral and emotional problems. The services are centered on the child's needs and is sensitive to the family. Most often, the services are provided one-on-one through weekly contact in social and recreational activities in the community. Aides work on anger management, self-esteem, social skills issues with the overall goal of increasing the child's independence and competency.

Population served: Children with or at risk of behavioral and emotional problems who require services in their home setting (home, permanent foster care or non-permanent foster care) and increased access to social and community activities.

Access to program: Call (434) 972-1481

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Program for Applied Life Skills(PALS)

Director: Beth Smith
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 970-2146
Fax: (434) 970-2185
E-mail: beths@regionten.org

This program is tailored to families and children who need skills in independent and responsible daily living. We offer ongoing, intensive support to people who need social skills training, case management, emotional self-regulation, parenting skills and/or crisis management. PALS is appropriate as a step-down service after a period of intensive in-home therapy, stabilization after a hospital or residential discharge, independent-living program for adolescents, ongoing support and coaching for parents with intellectual disabilities or as training for families new to the mental-health system.

Population served: Children from infants to 21-years or family members or guardians of those children.

Access to program: Call (434) 970-2146

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Infant & Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge

Director: Susan Shaw
Location: 2270 Ivy Road
Phone: (434) 924-5694
Fax: (434) 924-1206
E-mail: susansh@regionten.org

The Infant and Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge is your local early intervention program under the Commonwealth's Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia. The Infant and Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge provides early intervention support and services to infants and toddlers from birth through age three who are not developing as expected or who have a medical condition that can delay normal development. Early intervention supports and services focus on increasing the child's participation in family and community activities that are important to the family. In addition, supports and services focus on helping parents and other caregivers know how to find ways to help their child learn during everyday activities.

These supports and services are available for all eligible children and their families regardless of the family's ability to pay. Families concerned about their child's development may receive information, a free developmental screening and/or evaluation by calling our intake coordinator.

Population served:Children birth to 3-years who have a developmental delay, atypical development, behavior disorder and/or a diagnosed physical or mental condition that could result in delay.

Locations served: City of Charlottesville and Albemarle, Greene, Louisa, Fluvanna and Nelson Counties.

Access: Contact Karen Taylor (434) 970-1391 or 888-451-BABY. She will provide you with information or assist you in determining eligibility.

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Child & Adolescent Outpatient Services

Director: Dwight McCall
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 972-1468
Fax: (434) 972-1860
E-mail: dwightm@regionten.org

This program evaluates and treats mental health and/or substance use disorders in those 5 to 18. Specific services include: screening, assessment and treatment planning; counseling/psychotherapy (family, individual, and/or girls' group); crisis intervention and psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Population served: Those 5 to 18 years with a mental health and/or substance use disorder and have impairment in social, vocational, academic, or family functioning. These services are also provided to youth detained at Charlottesville High School, as well as the Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center.

Access: Call (434) 972-1800

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Assessment and Diagnostic Service

Psychologist: Melissa Hunt, Ph.D.
Clinician: Kim Leclere, M.S.W.
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 972-1738
Fax: (434) 293-6169
E-mail: kimberll@regionten.org

This service is designed to allow community-based assessment/diagnosis for children and adolescents, ages 6-18, who are at risk of placement outside the home, including those who need a secure environment while the assessment is in process. The assessment is tailored to each child/adolescent’s needs and psychosocial context and may include psychometric and projective testing, office-, home-, and school-based assessment/observation, as well as collection and integration of existing relevant clinical data.

Population served: Children, ages 6-18, who are at risk of placement outside the home for evaluation and/or intervention.

Access: Call Kim Leclere at 434-972-1738

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Prevention Services

Director: Chris Jackson
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 220-7646
E-mail: chrisj@regionten.org

These services, delivered in the community and schools, are designed to educate, inform and prevent children and adolescents from engaging in risk-taking behaviors such as substance use, violence, teen pregnancy and dropping out of school for children ages 5 to 18. We deliver these services through prevention and intervention counseling, classroom presentations, small group psycho-education, community in-services, development and mentoring of youth organizations and parent meetings.

Population served: Children 5 to 18 who attend or are members of an institution that has contracted with Region Ten for these services.

Access: Call Chris Jackson (434) 220-7646. To access Prevention Services in the local school, please contact your school's Student Assistance Program Coordinator:
Monticello HS (434) 244-3100 ext. 3235
Albemarle HS (434) 975-9300 ext. 3241
Western Albemarle HS (434) 823-8701
Buford Middle School (434) 293-6183

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Strengthening Families

Director: Robert Wadden
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: (434) 972-1881
E-mail: chrisj@regionten.org

SFP supports families with children 6 to 11. It is a 14-week program with three components: behavioral parent training, children's skills training and family skills training to reduce family conflict, aggressiveness and substance abuse. The aim is to improve youth social skills, parenting skills and family communication and organization. The program is free and includes childcare and transportation. New groups beginning for families with children ages 10-14.

Population served: children 6 to 11 and their parents

Access: Apply by calling Robert Wadden at 434-972-1881

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Education Support Services

Director: Steve Darling
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Phone: 434-970-2160
Fax: 434-970-2185
Email: steved@regionten.org

Educational Support Services (ESS) is a elementary and middle school-based program that helps children who are having behavioral difficulties. Through in-class behavioral coaching, problem solving and daily positive reinforcement, kids learn how to be aware of and change their behavior, enabling them to be more successful as students.

Population Served: Children and adolescents 21 years and younger who have a mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairments.

Access to Program: Please call 434-972-1800.

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Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Director: Beth Smith
Location: 500 Old Lynchburg Road
Charlottesville, Va 22903
Phone: 434-970-2146
Fax: 434-970-1860
E-mail: beths@regionten.org

FFT is an evidence-based, strength-based family therapy model designed to strengthen family relationships in order to prompt prosocial behavior. FFT is particularly effective with families of adolescents who display conduct disorder and criminal and substance abuse behaviors. This model is fairly short-tern, 14 to 20 weeks on average. Services include assessment, family therapy, support, advocacy and referral.

Population Served: Youth age 11 to 18 and their families.

Access to Program: Please call 434-970-2146.

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For emergencies, please call 434-972-1800
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