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Local Human Rights Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 17, 2014
1:00 PM
502 Old Lynchburg Rd

LHRC Board Members in attendance:

    John Shepherd
    Cali Gaston
    Tina Robertson

Advocates in attendance:

    Chuck Collins, Regional Human Rights Advocate
    Mark Seymour, Regional Human Rights Advocate

Affiliates in attendance:

    Mike Leemann, Region Ten CSB
    Ann Mays, Region Ten CSB
    Mary Schlimm, Region Ten CSB
    Pam Fisher, Region Ten CSB
    Adrienne Ponzini, Region Ten CSB
    Savannah Thompson, Lutheran Family Services of Va.
    Pam Golas, Wall Residences
    Leela Lipscombe, Counseling Alliance of Virginia
    Kristen Ault, New Y-CAPP
    Tyrone Hilton, Envision Solutions
    Dianne Proctor, Creative Family Solutions
    Robert Raborn, Family Preservation Services
    Kim Price, Empowering Families Program
    Kelly Greer, National Counseling Group
    Scott Worley, Rescare
    Krisiti Rogowski, Therapeutic Interventions
    Matthew Osborne, VIA
    James Vann, Easter Seals UCP

Items covered during the meeting:

  • Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.
  • Everyone in the room introduced him/herself for the record.
  • Minutes for April meeting were approved.
  • Human Rights Advocates Report -  

    Chuck Collins
    - New HR Regulations are coming, possible rollout in a year.
    - Not ready to close training center.  Possible delay of one year.

    Mark Seymour
    - Spoke on TDO’s & ECO’s and complaints from psych. ward at the hospital regarding ID consumers not being a good match.
    - Pyschiatric bed registry seems to be working well.
    - Med Sled – gets folks downstairs in and emergency for 2 story facilities.

    Comments from Affiliates - Cali Gaston informed of free acupuncture clinic for all 5:30 every Tuesday at Door #3 at free clinic.

  • Annual Reports from Affiliated Providers -  Annual Reports from Envision Solutions, Virginia Institute of Autism and Little Keswick School were given.

  • Quarterly Reports – The following reports were not received, Blue Ridge First Step, ARS Pantops Clinic, Reach, and Family Preservation.


  • Region Ten – Requested approval for 14 protective restraint renewals that were approved for 1 year.
  • Region Ten – Requested restriction on Electronic cigarettes at the Wellness Recovery Center, which was approved for a trial basis for 3 months.  Must report back to committee at the next meeting regarding how this is going.
  • New Y-CAPP – Notification to add four new TDT locations was approved.  (West Central Primary, Central Elementary, Central Elementary and Burnley-Moran)
  • Wall Residences – Requested approval for 3 protective restraints which were approved and notification was given regarding new sponsored residential location (Salmons Residence).  Also, notified committee of a change in address for the Gordon service.
  • Lutheran Family Services – Requested approval of 8 protective restraints, which were approved and notification was given for a new sponsored site (Hidden Creek Lane) was given.
  • Creative Family Solutions – Notified committee that they have had a change in ownership and are now called Community Alternatives.
The LHRC Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 23, 2014

We would like to thank everyone that attended this meeting and those who presented during the meeting. Please remember that everyone is invited to attend each LHRC Meeting held.


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